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    This is my blog dedicated to Seniors. If you are in Portland, Oregon or surrounding areas I'd love to be your photographer. I'm an award winning photographer who specializes in Modern Senior Portraiture. Contact me to schedule your session today!

    - Lori / photographer

Olivia | Senior Portraits Gresham, OR

Olivia is a Senior at Reynold’s High School in Gresham Oregon, Class of 2014. She is just as beautiful inside as outside, and I truly mean that. When I first met her she was talking about trying to get girls in her high school to shave their heads to donate their hair for cancer patients.

Since I am late with my blogging, Olivia’s photos were featured in Senior Style Guide, won honorable mention for lemonade & lenses December 2013 cover contest, won top 5 in light inspired images on Chic Critique, and were published in Modern Teen Style’s magazine, July 2014 issue.

Hair & Makeup by Cassandra Kennedy Beauty

Modern Teen Style Feature | Seniorologie Feature

Did you know that being a senior client of Lori Michelle Photography means you get a chance to be featured and/or published in magazines? I submit almost all of my high school senior sessions to blogs & magazines giving my seniors the opportunity to be published, how cool is that?


Christina’s Session was featured on Seniorologie in January! Which you can see here: http://www.seniorologie.com/lori-michelle-photography/
Seniorologie is an inspirational blog dedicated to the study of senior portrait photography!


Sierra’s session was featured on Modern Teen Style in March! Go check out her feature: http://modernteenstyle.com/lori-michelle-photography-modern-teen-style/
Modern Teen Style is a blog and print magazine dedicated to photographers who photograph teens.

Sierra | Modern Senior Portraits Gladstone Oregon

Sierra is a Class of 2014 Senior at Gladstone High School! Sierra brought along her friend who helped out with encouragement and moral support.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly how excited I get when a Senior chooses a bold look. I just love the way bold makeup and lips photograph. I love the drama, and that’s exactly what Sierra went for. I LOVED her look she worked out with Cassandra.


These first shots were just test shots to find out Sierra’s best angles and to get her more comfortable in front of the camera. I rarely have a favorite from a session that comes from the first look let alone the first few shots, but I’m pretty sure this photo is one of my favorites from her whole session.

Gladstone Senior PhotographyGladstone Senior Photographer

Gladstone Senior Photography

Obviously Sierra can ROCK the serious look, but she also has a gorgeous smile!Gladstone Senior PhotograpyGladstone Senior Photograpy

Gladstone Senior PhotograpyGladstone Senior Photograpy

Can I take a second to point out her owl necklace! I know it’s hard to draw your attention away from her gorgeous face but I seriously loved that necklace and it went really well with her outfit and the location.Gladstone Senior Photograpy

Sierra is such a beautiful girl inside and out! I had a wonderful time getting to know her.

Hair & Makeup by the amazingly talented Cassandra Kennedy Beauty

Christina : Clackamas High School | Senior Photography Clackamas, OR

Meet the Gorgeous Christina who is a 2014 Senior at Clackamas High School.
Christina kept it comfortable and picked outfits based on what she would normally wear on a daily basis. Which she looked amazing in. She also mentioned a pirate outfit she wanted to wear if there was time.
I’m not gonna lie I was at first like huh? a what? In my head thinking of a cheesy halloween costume. When she showed me the actual outfit though I was surprised how cool it was. Christina and her family are into Renaissance fairs, so I thought it was important to squeeze in that outfit.